Weekend Review: Kate Spade - Henry Lane Emmy

Hey everyone!

I recently purchased a new Kate Spade purse for my future mother-in-law - the Henry Lane Emmy. I love the purse in orange - it is so cute and fashionable! I really want one for myself!

The purse is the perfect size for everyday wear. There is plenty of room, and it isn't too bulky. The detachable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry when walking around all day. 

I will be giving the purse to her today for her anniversary. I think she will love it.


As you can see, I'm a big fan of Kate Spade. I would love to have an orange purse! Kate Spade has quite a few great bags on sale. I am considering buying a new tote for my collection - the Henry Lane Lulu. I am also looking for a cute tan or brown purse, but haven't found one that I love.