A little green in dull winter

Hello everyone!

Thanksgiving is over and there isn't much difference for us this year than last year- no turkey, no holiday atmosphere, no get together. We both missed a lot about the family feast we usually had when we were living in US, and of course the tons of fun shopping on black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With winter finally setting its foot in Shanghai, the weather is getting colder and colder everyday, so I took out all my winter collections - peacoats, puffy coats, sweaters and winter boots. I found out most of them look dull and similar color system - grey, black brownish. I would like to wear some bright color today as it is sunny outside. After searching the whole wardrobe, my eyes were finally fixed on ones of my last year's purchases - a green sweater. It was one of my favorite winter pieces besides the burgundy sweatshirt worn in my previous post.

I decided to wear this green sweater with a black peacoat and navy skirt shorts underneath. The peacoat was unbuttoned, which made the green color visible but not too much. This sweater made my last winter full of holiday spirits and my weekdays less boring, And will surely bring me the same feeling this winter, especially with the up coming Christmas.

I hope you all have a great week!

Outwear: Black ruffle hem coat from Peach bird (similar here & here)

Top: Sweater from Lily (similar here)

Bottom: Navy skirt shorts from Lily

Shoes: J Crew Ankle boots (old)