Merry shopping for Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Just a few days before Christmas now and I'm so excited for our first Christmas since moving back to the US.

During the past two years, we usually spent Christmas traveling around in China. Christmas is not an official holiday there, but more and more young people have started to celebrate it and a lot of malls and streets are decorated by beautiful Christmas lights. Luckily, we still got Christmas day off while we were in China so we could travel around while most of people were working.

One thing I misses a lot is shopping for Christmas gifts. I like figuring out the best gift idea for each family member and friend and shopping around for the items on my Christmas shopping checklist. 

I believe "early bird gets the worms", so I started my Christmas shopping shortly after Thanksgiving holiday. One benefit for starting shopping early is that I usually can get a decent deal for the item I need on my list, which ends up getting a better value gift with the same budget. 

Another thing I enjoy during Christmas season is gift wrapping. I'm not an expert on this but I really like beautifying all the gifts I chose and imaging how happy they are when my family and friends open them.

Just like Thanksgiving holiday, Chris and I will spend Christmas with our family in Oklahoma. I'm excited for the trip and can't wait to see our family and friends there!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Outfit: Milly Twist Flare Dress (in navy)